Teach Your Children about the Christian Church

It is been experienced that the Christian Church is losing 70% of their children who keep themselves away from the Lord and get lost when out of home. This is a great tragedy and the main reason for this is lack of teaching about the Lord at home by parents. To be short of Bible knowledge would certainly cause your children to go off into non-belief, skepticism, denominationalism, and other disloyalty, which would further cause them to be everlastingly lost.

If you take about 40 minutes of Bible teaching class during the week at a Christian church, or Catholic Churches too if they be present at Wednesday evening Bible study, will give your children sufficient spiritual food to struggle off the world’s pressure they get at school and TV. Your children need to spend 30 hours per week in community school getting ready for life in this globe, but less than just 2 hours each week in wearisome to prepare for perpetuity. You need to make a choice between which is the most important. People become displeases if the children make poor grades on the report cards, but do not mind if they are unsuccessful in studying their Bible class teaching. People have turned inactive about permitting their children to develop without a spirit saving facts of the Bible. We require knowing that the supreme thing we could do for our kids is to inspire in them a permanent faith in Lord and the Bible so they could be ceaselessly saved. There is nobody superior we could offer our children.

We need to help our kids with their educate subjects at ease, but teaching the Bible along with them is of much larger significance than their school study. To protect our children we need to be much more serious to help them getting ready for infinity. We should keep aside some time every day for Bible learning with them. No matter whether you belong to Roman Catholic Church or Pentecostal Church, this teaching has to start in the early stage and carry on as long as we have authority on them. You should teach your children to have good religious values and this could probably only be done by educating them God’s word. So do take parenting very seriously and bring your children up in the care for and caution of the Lord so you and they could be together in heaven.

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