Beautiful Churches in Washington and Seattle

Washington is a state situated in the Pacific Northwest region of United States. The largest city of Washington state is Seattle. Seattle is a beautiful major city situated in the northernmost part of United States. Even known as one of the greatest cities of American west, Seattle has several biotechnology companies and research institutes. It is a city built on hills and around water. The Churches here are magnificent and if you are planning your trip here then you must read this article till the end to know more about the different churches of this city.

Located at Queen Anne district of Seattle, The Seattle Church of Christ was built in 1921. Engaged couples are allowed here to celebrate their special day in this Neo – Byzantine style building. It can accommodate up to 340 – 350 guests. Stain glassed doors and a beautiful entrance with polished stones makes this Church perfect for your wedding day!

The Apostolic Lutheran Church located at Seattle was built in 1935. This Lutheran church was established by Finnish Americans.

In 1889 Washington became a State and one year after that in 1890 a small group of African Americans held prayer services in their homes. Later this became the Mount Zion Baptist Church. The historic building of Mount Zion Baptist Church facilitates many activities to enhance their capacity to serve God and His people.

University Christian Church is located in the heart of Seattle’s University District, Washington. Diverse communities of Christians take utmost care to minister the functions of this Church. They work closely with Christians of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations.

A reformed Christian mega church, even known as Mars Hill Church offers services at multiple locations in Seattle city. Every week approximately 7,400 people attend services here. Founded in 1996, this Church continued growing day by day and at present organizes two evening services.

Fort Washington Collegiate Church has their doors open to all types of people regardless of their culture, race or social and economic backgrounds. It is a place of diversity, grace and hospitality. They all come together and connect to God and follow Christ’s example. This Church is very different than the others as being a part of it is a fun and rewarding.

The Calvary Baptist Church located at Washington worships every Sunday morning in Spanish as well as in English. There are three inter connected buildings with this Church which provides physical space for the ministries and partners.

Seattle Vietnamese Christian Church is located in Seattle. They have two main services on Sunday. Three Strands Community Church is a small sized independent Church located in Washington. It is a Church with contemporary worship. The Maranatha Chapel is an independent Church. It is a small sized Church with a blend of contemporary and traditional worship. The United Church of Christ, located in Washington is also a small sized Church and with a blend of contemporary and traditional worship.

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